Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Q & A

For Father's Day, I'm reintroducing Kenya's guest spot on my blog, and opening it up to the other kids. After all, my dad is practically Father Abraham with all the kids we have running around the house. So, here's to Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Kenya, Age 6
Me: Ok, so today we're talking about Dad.
Kenya: Dad (nod)
Me: So what's your Dad's name?
Kenya: Kenneth.
Me: So, how old is he?
Kenya: Umm, 24.
Me: Ok, what does he look like.
Kenya: Tan.
Me: Ok...what else?
Kenya: Just tan...Of his skin.
Me: he short?
Kenya: No, he's big. Bigger than this (holds hands apart) Like 24 inches.
Me: Ooo that's a lot of inches. So what do you like to do with Dad?
Kenya: Play.
Me: Ok what kind of games?
Kenya: Like Rock, Paper, Scissors and stuff.
Me: What's something weird that Dad does?
Kenya: He makes us laugh...and tickles us.
Me: That's weird?
Kenya: Yeah
Me: So what kind of nickname does Dad call you?
Kenya: Kenya Joy. And Polliwog.
Me: Kenya, I call you Polliwog, not Dad.
Kenya: Oh I mean Kenya Boy. (laughs, then falls off chair) Oops.

Kyler, Age 7
Me: What's your Dad's name?
Kyler: Kenny
Me: How old is he?
Kyler: 45
Me: What does he look like?
Kyler: Uhh, a moustache and a giant beard under. Fuzzy.
Me: What else does he look like?
Kyler: Huge. He wore huge shoes to church that were pointy.
Me: Ahh church shoes. How tall is he?
Kyler: 6'6"
Me: What do you like about Dad?
Kyler: He plays with us.
Me: What's something goofy that Dad does?
Kyler: Makes faces. Sorry folks, I gotta go to da bafroom.
Me: Are you serious?
Kyler: Yeah (walks to the bathroom).
Me: Ok, thank you for your time sir. (as fan in the bathroom turns on)

Kennedy, Age 9
Me: What's your Dad's name?
Kennedy: Kenny
Me: How old is he?
Kennedy: Forttyyy....umm, four?
Me: What does he look like?
Kennedy: He's white with a blue eye and a green eye. And his hair's gray. He has it called a moustache that goes all the way around?
Me: A goatee?
Kennedy: Yeah. Also, I still wanna guess how old is he right. Is it 44?
Me: I have no idea. (outside source says 45)
Me: What do you like about Dad?
Kennedy: He's umm warm?
Me: What's something goofy that he does?
Kennedy: Jokes. And calls us funny names.
Me: What do you think his favorite things are?
Kennedy: Motorcycles...Can I get a drink?
Me: Yeah go ahead.

Keenan, Age 12
Me: Will you help us out with this thing we're writing for Dad?
Keenan: Sure
Me: What's your favorite thing to do with Dad?
Keenan: I like going hunting with him.
Me: What do you like about Dad?
Keenan: Pretty much everything. Can I talk to Dad now?

Kiana, Age 16 (clearly old enough to write her own section)
Me: What is your Dad's name?
Kiana: Kenny
Me: How old is he?
Kiana: Prolly like forttyy four?
Me: What does your Dad look like?
Kiana: He's tall and white.
Me: What's your favorite thing about your dad?
Kiana: His wallet. (laughs) Just kidding. He's funny. Also, he drives me to school and always gives me lunch money.
Kayla: How many times have you ridden the bus, when we all had to ride it all the time?
Kiana: Prolly never, except for late starts.
Me: What's something weird that dad does?
Kiana: [Removed by writer]
Kayla: What color do you think he looks best in?
Kiana: Brown
Me: Is he a good boy repellent?
Kiana: Yes, they're all sweaty [from nervousness when they meet him].
Kayla: This interview sounds like the kids.
Me: I think we're done here.

Kayla, Age 19 (did her own section & reverted to interview)
Me: Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Dad?
Kayla: The first thing that comes to mind when I think about my Dad is that he is the most morning friendly person I've ever known in my life! While the rest of us can be classified as morning "crankies" (creatures that should be feared and avoided in the am hours by all of mankind) my Dad has always been the cheerful morning type, always whistling away like he's one of the dwarfs from Snow White, darefully offering 'Good Mornings" to all the crankies in the land. This is something I've always laughed about - mostly after I am no longer a 'cranky'!

Me: What's something you really appreciate about Dad?
Kayla: Something I really appreciate about my Dad is that when it comes to humor we are pretty much on the same page. Sarcastic humor is the name of my game, but after I really get going (usually accompanied by the presence of my sisters) sometimes I get pretty obnoxious. At this point, my Dad will be cracking up, sometimes almost to tears, while my Mom seems to be frowning, and looking at the scar on my forehead wondering if I perhaps suffered brain damage when I ran into the door as a newly walking tot. After the release of Napoleon Dynamite came out, to my Mom's horror, I proceeded to talk like Kip for my entire 8th grade year. However, my Dad still breaks down laughing when I imitate Kip or sing "Technology"!

Me: Does your Mom still hate the Kip voice?
Kayla: Yes, very much so.

Me: Overall, how would you describe your Dad?
Kayla: Overall, I would describe my Dad as easy going, kind, caring, inventive, hardworking, and extremely intelligent. However, also, brave and perseverant because he lives in a house with four women who all have a "time of the month", which is no easy feat!

Me: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Kayla: Oh, Dad also used to let me scream/sing as loud as I could in the car the rest of the ride home when we were about two or three blocks out from the house because I was convinced I could break the glass because I could hit such a high notes. Never did break the glass, but I think he thought it was funny. He probably wouldn't have been to happy if I actually did.

Kelsie, Age 22
Kayla: How are you today?
Kelsie: Just dandy.
Kayla: What is your Dad's name?
Kelsie: Ken...that's his professional name. If you're trying to wake him up from his nap it's Kenny.
Kayla: Which name do you think suits him best?
Kelsie: Dad.
Kayla: I meant about the nicknames.
Kelsie: Oh...I don't know I only call him Dad.
Kayla: What is your favorite memory of Dad?
Kelsie: Um...let me think. Probably him picking me up from kindergarten and him hanging out with me at Grandma's. Or the time I got a spider bite and stayed home from school and went on an inspection with Dad.
Kayla: Really? You stayed home for a spider bite?
Kelsie: It was all puffy. I don't know I was among the first set of children, and they were really protective. If the kids got a spider bite now they'd probably be like "You shouldn't have picked up that spider!"
Kayla: What color do you think Dad looks best in?
Kelsie: Black
Kayla: Good color. Do you think he likes this color? (laughs)
Kelsie: Yes, looking at his choice of wives. I guess I should say wife cause it sounds like he has many.
Kayla: What is Dad's favorite type of music?
Kelsie: Rock. Although he does listen to rap and country. I guess he's an eclectic.
Kayla: How do you spell eclectic?
Kelsie: I dunno, either e-c-l-e-c-t-i-c or e-c-c-l-e-c-t-i-c
Kayla: If you could get Dad anything in the world what would it be?
Kelsie: (Lets out long breath) I would get him...umm...a motorcycle, Harley Davidson - Fat boy, beach bars, black and chrome.
Kayla: You could have gotten him a million dollars...just sayin'
Kelsie: Naw, what would he do with a million a Harley Davidson
Kayla: What is the funniest thing Dad has ever done?
Kelsie: Aside from his wardrobe in the 1990s (laughs) I'd say...does he do funny stuff? Or does he just laugh at funny stuff we do?
Kiana: Yea...he just laughs.
Kayla: What about the dog thing?
Kelsie: Oh yeah that was pretty funny.
Kiana: What dog thing?
Kelsie: When he tried to kick the dog and his shoe flew off in the neighbors yard. Although that wasn't intentionally funny.
Kayla: Mom said it was the holy spirit (laughs)
Kelsie: His "I'm on a diet" face is pretty funny too.
Kayla: He probably won't laugh when he reads that though.
Kayla: With a hat or no hat?
Kelsie: He only wears one type of hat. His head is too big for hats.
Kayla: Is Dad a good dancer?
Kelsie: Dad is a decent dancer (very matter of factly).
Kenny: Dad's not a good dancer.
Kelsie: Yea he is. he's not going to breakdance or anything, but he can hold his own.
Kayla: Ok I think we're done.

Kenny, Age 24 (also old enough to write his own section)
Kenny: Interview me, I don't wanna write.
Me: What does your Dad look like?
Kenny: He's a 6'6", 230 lbs, white dude with an alien head like me.
Me: How old is your Dad?
Kenny: 45
Kiana: Oh, can I change my answer?
Kenny: How I know that, cause he had me when he was 20.
Me: What do you like about Dad?
Kenny: Umm, number 1, he's prolly a good male influence to talk to. Umm, I mean he supports me in whatever I do, even if he disagrees with it. Sometimes. And he just understands me. Plus I know I can always rely on him.
Me: What's something goofy Dad does?
Kenny: I'll tell you what dad does. Whenever we go to someones house that is southern, he starts talking like them. He steals their accent.

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