Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dag Nab It!

Hi, my name is Kelsie and it's been 52 days since I last posted.

Obviously I'm not an avid blogger because if I was, my fan base, aka my mom, my sister, and my friend Garrett, would have reported me as a missing person. My life was boring me, so I didn't write about it. It would have gone like this..."Dear Mom, Today I went to work. I ate some food. Later I watched TV. Now it's bedtime." Actually I'm exaggerating, well underexaggerating. It that a word? Undermining? Underestimating? Eh, whatever the opposite of exaggerating is. I actually had some fun adventures over the past 7 weeks and 3 days, but anyway, I'm back to least until I forget again.

My major issue lately is that I have turned from the careful, steady person that I was, into the biggest klutz ever. I'd say within the last three weeks I have dropped, stepped on, knocked down, and tripped over just about everything. For example, two days ago I dropped a cutting board on my foot while make dinner. I also dropped some of that dinner on the floor, but no one noticed so it's fine. Another example, ten minutes ago I dropped cake in the refrigerator and somehow smeared some on the little light thingy at the top. I dropped said cake on my bed...and my shorts. I've also spilled coffee on my desk at work a couple times...the computer tech guy is not going to like me.

Now, I'm not sure what started this whole clumsy thing off, but I find that I constantly frustrate myself. I can't stop dropping things, then subsequently knocking other things over while trying to pick up the first things, and then hitting my head while standing up to catch the second thing. It's almost like watching a cartoon. So, I did what any other American does...I googled an almost complete sentence including some of the words I was thinking and let the computer finish my thought and find some answers. Google didn't read my mind quite right the first time because I'm not a toddler running into things. But eventually I did find some more applicable information. What I've concluded from this was that I'm one of a few possible things:
1) I'm experiencing muscle weakness (my impressive biceps would disagree) OR
2) I have an ear infection OR
3) I'm a wobbly infant and it's normal OR
4) I have post traumatic stress disorder OR
5) I'm pregnant OR
6) Something about gluten (pretty sure my mom is voting for this one)

SOOO basically I've learned nothing. Actually not true, today I learned that clumsy people, as a subculture, tend to type up their weird stories and put them on the in point, this blog.