Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Babysitter Blog

Everyone once in awhile, I'm left home to babysit my little siblings. It's not too hard if you only take them one at a time. Today, little Kenya was the odd man out in going to the store, so to cheer her up, I offered to let her be on my blog. Apparently, that sounds cooler than it actually is. After she saw that I would just be typing what she said, she commenced playing with my phone. Here's her guest spot:

Kelsie: Ok, let's start with your name. What's your name?
Kenya: (shrugs shoulders)
Kelsie: Ok, your name is Kenya. How old are you?
Kenya: Six? Hey, where'd you even get dis phone? Is dis the phing where you take a picture? (Blows on my iphone) There's lotsa dust on dis phone.
Kelsie: Ok, let's talk about your day? What'd you do today?
Kenya: Sit. And play in da basement.
Kelsie: That sounds fun. What'd you play?
Kenya: Restuarant.
Kelsie: Ooo I forgot how to spell that.
Kenya: can spell it! Hey, why'd you push dat button?
Kelsie: That's the space bar. You push it in between every word so there's a space.
Kenya: Did you just push it?
Kelsie: Mhm.
Kenya: Pushed it again. What are you spelling?
Kelsie: I'm writing down what we're saying.
Kenya: Oh. (smiles)
Kelsie: Now what do you wanna talk about?
Kenya: I don't know. Nothing. (pause) Did you just spell nothing?
Kelsie: Mhm.
Kenya: Dat's a weird story.
Kelsie: Why don't you tell me what you want to be when you grow up?
Kenya: A mermaid. Why don't you just say those words out loud?
Kelsie: Oh, what kind of mermaid?
Kenya: Ariel, with red hair. And a golden suit. And when I get married, I'm gonna wear a green dress instead of a pink dress. (farts) Ha Ha I farted!
Kelsie: uriugrhhfkjkkkkkkk mmmmmmmmmmmm [t
Kenyqa: Hahahaha I spelled Kenyqa. Dat was hilarious. Can we take pictures now?
Kelsie: Ok.
Kenya: (sings a song to the tune of neener neener neener, while taking picture on my phone)
I took a picture of your fooot.
I took a picture of your fooot.
But its so close that you can't seee it.
Cause it's reeally daaaark.
I can take a picture of the mooon.
I can take a picture of the mooon.
Uh oh. Ummm, what do I push now?
Kelsie: Here let me see.
Kenya: Do you know what a caboose is?
Kelsie: What is it?
Kenya: It's where your back is.
Kelsie: Really?
Kenya: Yeah, it looks like a booty.
Kelsie: I thought a caboose was on a train.
Kenya: (laughs) A caboose? (laughs again) On a train? (more laughing) A caboose can't be on a train?
Kelsie: Let me show you. (typing caboose in google)
Kenya: You're spelling it?! (laughs more)
Kelsie: Kenya, look.
Kenya: Oh, it's part of a train.
Kelsie: Hey mom's home! Here give me that. (take my phone) How many videos did you take of your leg?!
Kenya: (giggles) I dunno, like 5.

Here's her pictures (the first one is the moon, btw):

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