Sunday, March 27, 2011

Club Car, Club Store

Since it was a weekend, me and my sisters had the privilege of all hanging out together. Which meant driving around, going to the store (to return an item), and eating fast food. It also meant we got to play one of our favorite games...Club Car! Along with its variation....Club Store! Here are the rules to the game.

Club Car:

  1. Choose a radio station with lots of mainstream hip hop music. (So basically any station)

  2. Crank it up and roll down the windows.

  3. Dance like you're in the club...(also drive carefully).

  4. Embarass Kiana

Club Store:

  1. Same as above but with department store music.

  2. Dance down the empty aisles like you're in the club.

  3. Embarass Kiana

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