Thursday, January 12, 2012

No Leaves, No Slugs

Wow, so I didn't do a very good job at keeping up with my blog since my last post. I could say that I'll start the new year by turning over a new leaf, but why would I say that? I mean really that phrase doesn't make any sense at all. If a leaf was in a position that you could actually turn it over, there's a couple problems with the situation. Let me elaborate...1) The leaf is dead. Why is a dead leaf the example for starting over? 2)  Why would you turn over a leaf? My experience living in Washington tells me that there's a big, nasty slug under that leaf...and 3) What you accomplish by turning said leaf over? The brown, soggy side is usually already on the bottom. With that being said, I will not be turning over any leaves. No leaves, no slugs...that's my motto. Also, I'll probably forget to blog again for about a month.

In the event that you're wondering why I'm not sharing my thoughts and feelings (and absurdities, of course) on this contraption, here's a list of activities that I sometimes do instead of blogging:
  • Crochet slouchy hats
  • Color with markers
  • Watch Netflix
  • Go to Bible study
  • Look at shoes online
  • Buy shoes online
  • Hang out with middle schoolers
  • Look at other people's posts on Facebook
  • Text my sister from across the room
  • Nothing
Anyway, I'm sure something exciting will pop up soon that will motivate me to write something extravagant. And when it does, it definitely won't come from under a leaf. I'll leave my options open as far as origin of interesting things though. All that to say...Welcome 2012, You're Gonna be Interesting...OR ELSE.

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